Staff Change Announcement

After six years of faithful and fruitful service, Curt and Rachel McMurray-Branscombe will be moving on to the next season of their journey. This will take place in February, with their final Sunday being the 12th. Their plan is to take a six month sabbatical in Spain. This is something they have been saving for and looking forward to for some time.

Curt’s Position
As the director of our Creative Worship Team, Curt has had a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including worship leading, volunteer recruitment and development, department oversight, scheduling and developing worship teams, and much more.

sarah-for-webWe believe that the Lord has brought Sarah Babcock here to be our Worship Leader. She graduated with a B.A. from Epic Bible College with an emphasis in Worship Arts. Sarah has extensive experience at leading worship, leading worship teams, directing choirs, and more. She has a heart for worship, a heart for the Lord, and a desire to empower people to use their creative gifts for the Lord’s glory. Her official start date is February 1st, 2017.




zach-webWe are also hiring Zach Stewart to be our Music Director. Zach is a gifted musician, a graduate of the Redwood ELN, and will have completed the Foursquare Church Residency program. He also has been serving as our music coordinator for Faith Center South. His official start date is February 1st, 2017.




Rachel’s Position
Rachel is currently serving as the Pastor over Missions, Outreach and Small Groups. We are actively interviewing candidates for this position. Please keep this in prayer. We will let you know as soon as the Lord brings along the right person to assume these responsibilities.

We will be doing something to honor Curt and Rachel with the staff and with the congregation in February.