Building Community

Home groups represent all the groups that meet in homes, along with groups that meet in the community locations, like coffee shops or hiking trails.

Feldsine/Kyle Home group
Group Leaders: Stan & Cindy Feldsine / Duane And Donna Kyle
Contact: Kyles 707-672-2920 Feldsines – 707-672-0550
This is open to anyone who would like to come, but we do not have childcare. The group is not suitable for children. We meet on the second and forth Sunday’s of the month, from 4:30 to around 7 or 8. We rotate between the Kyle and the Feldsine houses. The Kyles live in Cutten, and the Feldsines in Freshwater

Motorcycle Group
Group Leader: Colin Ott
Contact: (707) 845-1231
This group is for all motorcycle riders! On the 3rd Sunday of each month, there is a ride. Meet at 3 p.m. at the church parking lot. There is also a Bible study twice a month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays in the Faith Center Cafe, combining our love of God and our love of motorcycles. You are welcome to join either one of these activities, or both!